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"Welcome to my site :-) I hope you enjoy sharing my musical journey with me.  Feel free to share the page with your friends & share the love.  Music has always been my way of expressing myself, sharing the stories of my life, the lessons learned & the wonderful people I meet along the way.  My advice to all those I meet along this journey is to appreciate everything you've got while you've got it cause it's too late, once it's gone. The other most important bit of advice I can give you is to "Believe in Yourselves, to Reach for the Stars my friends, have the courage to  follow your dreams to the dark places they may lead - Remember without the Darkness you Cannot see the Light" - Amanda Jayne Halloran"

Singing and writing music is Amanda’s way of communicating emotion to people en masse. She has a way of bringing an audience at any event along for the journey as she tells a story.
If you have an event, get in contact with Amanda Halloran now - she will be a terrific addition to your occasion. 


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Previous events

Stanthorpe Market Day Performance - I am performing between 2.30pm - 3pm and then again from 3.30 - 4.00 pm so come along for a good day of music and stalls out and about and enjoy the ambience of the country. Cd's and merchandise available as well as meet and greet look forward to seeing you all there.

NEW SINGLE RELEASE - Amanda Halloran

Amanda Halloran - LockDown "LOCKDOWN" is the latest track to be released by independent Australian Singer- Songwriter Amanda Halloran. Track from her second album "White Horse White Knight" Penned back in 2012 by the Indy artist and her musical Co-writer Brendan Radford, "LOCKDOWN is a toe tapping COUNTRY ROCK song which I think we can all relate to whist the whole world is in. LOCKDOWN....available in all digital stores on April 18th 2020 make sure you get your copy and support our Aussie grown talent. www.amandahalloran.com

all details can be found at the following website https://www.johnnycashcountry.com.au/ Tickets are selling fast general admission is $38.80 for more details contact info@johnnycashcountry.com.au

M: 0408 428 440 Amanda will be performing saturday morning between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm more details to be released soon